In 1985 CCM emerged within the Community of Christ denomination (known then as RLDS) as an outreach ministry to young adults struggling with rapid social changes and many personal struggles. In the larger context, contemporary christian music gained popularity among seekers who were looking for new forms of praise and witness of the life of Jesus and the power and manifestation of the Spirit.  The name change to Contemporary Christian Ministries signaled a desire to continue to be a vanguard for new expressions of ministry and praise not only as new communities but as a resource, sharing the methods, insights and vision with the broader body of the church.

Over the years CCM has been  a home to those who have found a new life in Christ and a active presence of the Spirit in all parts of life.  Throughout its 30 year history CCM has continued to rely on scripture, faith-filled leadership, and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  CCM has been  called to bear witness and be a strong advocate for the centrality of Jesus Christ in our world.  Today the basis of current christian faith has been undergoing shifts in thought, practice, mission including its foundational principles.  

As a prophetic community, CCM has continued to respond seriously to the active presence and love of God in our world.  CCM proclaims the redemptive revelation of God in Jesus Christ, honors the presence of the Kingdom of God and submits to the power and person of the Holy Spirit.  We pray that God will continue to lead us as a missionary leaven within the Community of Christ and a witnessing servant ministry to the broader community.  

Currently, the missional calling of CCM has cultivated19 expressions of ministry.  These expressions are not exclusive to CCM nor is their formation complete.  The expressions are to be in a dynamic relationship with one another and shaped by our experience with the Holy Spirit.   In line with Jesus' vision of the Kingdom, CCM has received these expressions in three primary areas of mission. Their relationship to the Community of Christ missional initiatives is noted in the descriptions.


CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES is a contemporary expression of the ministry of Jesus in today's world.  It is a missionary expression of the Community of Christ dedicated to proclaiming Jesus Christ in order to promote communities of love, joy, peace and hope.  This proclamation seeks to identify the suffering, lost and broken who are deeply in need of a close and wholesome relationship with God (Evangelism).  In this relationship, CCM has been called to nurture transforming activities of praise, healing, prayer, service and fellowship and other forms of the work of the Holy Spirit. (Equipping the Body).  CCM believes the fruit of an identity in Christ will bring transformed lives with new hearts and actions expressing love, joy, peace and hope (Compassion).  

To be contemporary means that we seek the presence of God at all times, cultures, and situations.  It acknowledges the redemptive life and sacrifice of Jesus and the work of the Spirit as central to our present and future health -  physically, mentally and spirituality affecting our relationships in the world.  To be contemporary means to surrender, forgive, and free to offer the blessings of God within the current conditions of the world.  A contemporary christian mindset (dIsciple of Christ) desires to be a servant to others and a vehicle of the ministries of the Holy Spirit.  

As a contemporary christian individual and community we seek to honor the Kingdom of God.  We acknowledge the Kingdom as the presence of God on earth as it is in Heaven (with God).  We rely on the  reign of God to be the driving power in transforming the world to this end.  

How do you find a CCM?  It is when you find a person, fellowship or service that places hope in Jesus Christ to bring the power of the Spirit, to those lost, broken, selfish and unloving hearts seeking to find a God centered hope, joy and peace present in their lives.



We have been providing contemporary ministry  for over 30 years within the part of the body of Christ  known as the Community of Christ.  

If you sense the Spirit (God's presence in us) stirring in you a desire to receive GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, AND REVIVAL, please contact us for counsel, prayer or to share your need. If you have questions you can send an INQUIRY.   A Prayer Servant will get back to you within 24 hours.   We believe God may be closer than you think.