"Prayer is the vehicle by which you are meant to commune with the invisible God.  It is the medium through which your spirit is intended to affect and be affected by the will and purpose of the divine Creator".       

HI, we are Mike and Barb Stelzer, the CCM Wholeness Coordinators, and are here to assist you with your wholeness prayer needs.  We have a team of faithful and dedicated prayer warriors and wholeness training coordinators ready to serve you.  We offer four services below to help you on your wholeness journey.



Forgiveness can be obtained during a private/confidential INNER HEALING PRAYER SESSION.

Also, trained leaders are available to teach a GROUP CLASS ON WHOLENESS AND FORGIVENESS.

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CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES is a contemporary expression of the ministry of Jesus in today's world.  It is a missionary expression of the Community of Christ dedicated to proclaiming Jesus Christ in order to promote communities of love, joy, peace and hope.  This proclamation seeks to identify the suffering, lost and broken who are deeply in need of a close and wholesome relationship with God.  In this relationship, CCM has been called to seek God's presence, nurtured by activities of praise, healing, prayer, service and fellowship engaging the work of the Holy Spirit.(Select: All about CCM)





ABOUT Community of Christ

COMMUNITY OF CHRIST is an international Christian ministry devoted to proclaiming Jesus Christ and being a welcoming, loving faith community that values the worth of every person as a child of God. We provide a safe space for you to explore and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.

This is a training class for people who desire to become Wholeness Coordinators.  The focus is on Wholeness, Healing and Forgiveness of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Training classes are periodically held in various locations throughout the United States.  

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Going deeper

It happened to me

Share how God answered your prayer with the Body of Christ about how you received Wholeness, Healing, or Forgiveness.

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Presentations provided by the CCM Wholeness Team related to Wholeness, Healing and Forgiveness.  Also available are references to books, videos, articles, and music for your journey to wholeness.

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* Miles Munroe; Understanding the purpose and power of prayer.


Our EXPRESSIONS OF JESUS is a response to God's desire to communicate and love all of us whether we are in pain, addicted, rejoicing or searching deeply for the meaning of life.  Please explore our other expression services as you have need.