Texas Family Spiritual Encounter was hosted by Mike and Barb Stelzer*, who taught us as they moved with the Holy Spirit, to enrich our understanding of healing and to provide healing for all ages who came. The theme was “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Be Healed in the Name of Jesus!”


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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus  Presentation (PPT only)

The age of God's Kingdom is here, and we are invited to bring it to the earth. Christ's mission is our mission. To do this important work we need to be healed in body, soul and spirit. If we do not seek healing, or if we do not accept the healing offered, we are as leaky vessels. In this condition we are unable to keep and overflow the gifts of Holy Spirit in our lives.

We seek healing to become more mature sons and daughters of God. As we accept the healing God offers we are better able to bring God's Kingdom on earth, through prayer.

Harsh life realities touch all ages. At the Encounter, children asked for healing prayers and left with fewer worries, less competitiveness towards siblings, and better able to meet the harsh realities of life. Others of all ages shared testimonies of personal healing and engaged in the healing prayers that were offered in the healing service and at other times. Some offered to provide special prayers for protection when needed, a powerful gift. Others who regularly pray for healing for others, were themselves healed or began their personal healing journey to lead them to even more effective healing prayers and greater responsibilities in The Kingdom.

We learned the importance of thinking and speaking positively.  Good positive words impact others and help them grow. They also help us grow towards Christ's light. Forgiveness is so very critical for us, and unforgiveness can block our own healing. We must forgive in faith and then let it go.

We learned that not all requests for healing result in our personal ideas of what healing means.  Nor does healing always follow our own timetables. We cannot fully understand God's perfect will, and it takes great faith to let God be fully in charge.

We left the weekend stronger, filled with God's Holy Spirit, and looking to turn more towards God to find and walk in His purpose for each of us.

Submitted by Laurie Romig

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Wholeness Expression Services


REFLECTIONS FROM SANDIE: Sometimes it takes a special time of coming together with special revelations that might be given to bring our understanding into a fuller measure.  We all have our set thoughts, ideas, beliefs and assurances of Jesus, His teachings, and His life while He walked the earth.  When we take time to gather for special encounters with Him, our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and assurances of Jesus can become adjusted, stretched, expanded by the things we hear and learn as our mind is open to new understandings.  The knowing more about the subject of Healing is a constant search relying on Holy Spirit to lead and direct as we look for new understanding of this area.  The Texas Encounter was just such a place. SW