Second Quarter Commentary



We welcome....your visit through the Trumpet Blast to the resources and services of Contemporary Christian Ministries (CCM).  We are in  the second quarter of the first year of the launching of the "Expressions of Jesus" format and organization.  

Background ..... With a 32 year history of ministry, CCM (Contemporary Christian Ministries) is a community of dedicated disciples, now called to work together by "Growing IN Christ".  Inspired over the years, CCM has expressed Jesus in contemporary culture.  Responding initially by proclaiming Jesus Christ through contemporary worship, praise, teaching, prayer and healing ministries, CCM is now expanding its calling in support of 19 specific expressions of the ministry of Jesus.  During the next four years (2017-2021) all of the expressions will be initiated.    As you are led, we invite you to explore our website and join us in delivering services and servant leadership opportunities.  As we "Grow IN Christ", God will use the CCM community to express the life, mission, message and ministry of Jesus within our contemporary culture.

Framework -   We have approximately 1200 individuals who participate and utilize our services, activities, scheduled events, internet communications and services of CCM.  CCM is self-supporting from love offerings at our events and various contributions.  We are a missionary ministry of the Community of Christ and are administered by a Leadership Team appointed by the Community of Christ.  


First Year Wave of Expressions (see reference in Website) -  The five initial Expressions have been planted and have birthed the formation of two key worship and prayer services.   FOG (Friends of God) and Watchman Prayer Group have been formed from the commitment to Small Group development, creative Worship experience and a new communication Tool called ZOOM.  Each Expression is listed with links to services and resources in the CCM WEBSITE (   Each Expression is listed with links to services and resources in the CCM WEBSITE (htps://     

FIRST WAVE: Launched October 2017

WHOLENESS - (Link)   ;


SMALL GROUP  -     (Link) ;

PRAYER - (Link)    ;


SECOND WAVE: Launched October 2018

EVANGELISM will be providing a framework for empowering the second Wave.

SHEPHERDING AND RECONCILIATION (Mentoring, Shepherding, Partnerships,  Circles of Care)

CURRICULUM AND STUDY (The Word, scriptures and foundational understandings);  

COMMUNITY OUTREACH (reaching out to serve community, special peace, relieve poverty & mediate suffering);

CHILDREN & YOUTH (inspire, educate, and engage youth of all ages, and backgrounds).  

COVENANT JOURNEY is our opportunity to awaken and bring new life thrugh understanding and committing ourselves to Christ.  Jesus expressed his covenant to lead our covenant with the Father in order to have a new life center on His Son and the power of the Spirit.                             

A community in Prayer-

We have been blessed with new ways to share together in prayer and worship over the last three months.  There is strong prayer activity among the Prayer Warriors, the Watchman Prayer group and within our regional Encounters.  Prayer lists as being developed and more time is being dedicated to tracking and support to families and friends

Opportunities for Teamwork are Growing-

As our Expressions continue in their planning and development, there will be opportunities to form teams across the whole community regardless of geography or time.  A second Zoom channel will b available to support group meeings and discussions.  Contact Bill Howard if you want to set up a discussion for your area.  We are also encouraging small groups to form by using ZOOM technology.  We are able to set up the viewing of short videos and presentations.   Please contact Bill ( with any ideas you may have on how this technology may be used within CCM.  


You are encouraged to contact Bill Howard for a 20-60 minute webinar regarding the mission, history and focus of the Growing In Christ emphasis for CCM over  the next four years.  The following key areas of encounter with God's love will be covered.  The resources in our the CCM Website are growing also.  Support is available from coordinators and others to explain and help you link to these many services through CCM.


1)  INVITATION - in order  to invite people to Christ (Evangelism, Small Groups, Pathway to Baptism and Living Kingdom Lives).

2)  HEALING AND FREEDOM - in order to abolish poverty, end suffering, establish justice and peace on earth (Wholeness, Shepherding/Reconciliation, Communty Outreach).

3)  DISCIPLESHIP - in order to develop disciples to serve (Children and Youth, Spiritual Growth, Teaching and Study, Servant Leadership, and Living the Word in Community)

4)  PRESENCE - in order to experience new life in Christ (Praise and worship, Prayer, Evangelists on Call)

5)  COMMUNITY - in order to live and experience communities in mission (Celebration/Encounters, Media/communications/project support, Ambassador Services, Servant Support)


For more information write to: or call/ leave message on our CCM Communications center at 847-772-4494. Sign up for a personal tour of our Website.