We have a group of Evangelist who have chosen to be associated with the CCM group. They have been asked to provide a blessing for the CCM group as a whole. This is to provide direction for the group for its ongoing ministry. The blessing will be presented at Celebration 2022.

As Evangelist we know that a blessing depends upon the response of the recipient. God can only provide as much as the persons receiving this blessing are willing to accept and their willingness to  commit to perform the direction which He provides. Therefore, we will provide intermittent instruction to the group on the CCM4you web site. Bob Slasor will kick this off with his presentation on Friday July 2nd.

We want your support in this endeavor. Therefore, we are asking for volunteers who are willing to support us in prayer and fasting by asking the Father to provide the Evangelist with His inspiration for this blessing.  If you are willing to be part of this effort and feel you are being prompted by the Lord to do so, please contact Lorenzo Hill and he will provide instruction on how to proceed.

A link is provided below for you to contact Lorenzo Hill.

Thank you and God bless you on your journey to His eternal realm.

To God be the Glory,

   Ed Slauter                Winnie Tepper

   Arlene Winslow     Beverly Moor

   Steve Calloway     Lorenzo Hill

   Robert Slasor             Bill Howard

   Gary Elrod            


For more information contact:  

Lorenzo Hill   < lhill1@cox.net >  Ph (918) 231-4848

CCM 2022 Blessing Preparation

To:  The Contemporary Christian Ministries Community

If you are interested in making a commitment  to join in support of the 2022 Blessing, you should select this link:

< Blessing Team Commitment >

or- contact Lorenzo below