Dirs. Christy /JJ



JANUARY 18, 2021

Dear CCM Fellowship

What a debt of gratitude we all owe to each member of the CCM Leadership Team, to another ten volunteers who gave of themselves to help think about God's particular calling to CCM at this time, and a host of prayer partners who held the team up in mighty prayer. The result of the preparation and then two different days of coming together seeking the will of God for us was a wonderful experience of Encounter. Additionally, the team unanimously endorsed the product of our combined efforts and present it as a list of goals which we are excited to hold up as a guide for our work of kingdom building.

We believe they align with values we feel called to and allow for the creation of a myriad of ministry actions for individuals and the body as a whole as we seek to be a revelation of God's love.

CCM Co Chairs,

The Great Commandments: Love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength and Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37) Go from Zion’s hills to Zion’s Mountains!

Goal Areas:

A.   Grow Spiritually

B.   Share the Kingdom of God

C.   Heal the Bruised, Broken hearted, and Imprisoned

D.   Outreach

E.    Build Bridges of Synergy with all groups who share the Kingdom of God, who Grow spiritually, and who Heal the Bruised, Broken hearted and imprisoned