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Below is a summary of the TEACHINGS OF MIKE GAILEY:

March 24

Good afternoon, everyone. I greet you in the name of the Lord and invite you to join us for a very special FOG call tomorrow night. We are blessed to have Mike Gailey as our guest speaker. Mike was to have brought ministry at the Alabama encounter last weekend, but it was canceled. He will share with us some of the teaching he was to bring. The following paragraph is a testimony from Mike Stacy:

 Mike Gailey is a gift from God to me.  He's a gift for others also and the way we met cannot be explained in any other way than a God orchestrated encounter that over 20 years later continues to reap dividends.  Mike's walk with and testimony of Jesus Christ lifts me daily!  Some have seen him, those who haven't, will soon see, he is not a figment of my imagination; like all things with God - HE IS SPIRITUAL, and al

so has a physical body. As a teaser, some of the teaching Mike will bring talks of Prayer, Breaking and Making Agreement, Covering others, etc.. I look forward to inviting others. I marvel at God's love for His creation, especially how he calls us together from so many areas to share in his word and teaching to draw ourselves and then others closer to Him.


Plan to join us. We are hoping that tomorrow night will be the first of several evenings for Mike to be with us. Holy Spirit invites us to join Him in community. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.



March 31

Good evening and greetings in the name of the Lord. Tomorrow night is our weekly FOG call at 7:00 pm and once again we have the privilege of pondering additional insights from our brother Mike Gailey. In addition to sharing his testimony, he will tell us about Hiding, Covering, Armor, Binding and Loosing. If you're wondering what these subjects are about and want to know more, you'll need to log in, phone in, punch an app, or just get connected. Holy Spirit invites us to be one, even though we are miles apart physically. Join Him and us in community; you will be blessed. See you then.


April 7

Good evening and grace and peace to you in the name of the Lord Jesus. This is a reminder of our weekly FOG call tomorrow night at 7:00 CDT. Our brother, Mike Gailey, will once again be with us. Several of you received an email from Mike Stacy last Friday asking for testimonies of how Mike's teaching last week has affected your daily walk with Christ. If you want to share your testimony, please send it to Mike Stacy at Whether you have a testimony to share or not, please join us. Holy Spirit continues to strengthen us as we meet together in His name.  Have a blessed Holy Week.


April 14

Good morning. This is an invitation to the FOG call tonight at 7:00 pm CDT. The Zoom link and phone number are listed below (the same ones we use each Tuesday night). Mike Gailey will continue his teaching this week, with a lesson entitled The Kingdom Pattern. Last week's lesson was recorded; if you want a copy, please reply to this email (just to me and not to all). It will be sent via email using Zoom Drive.


Join us for a worshipful time together, even though we are physically many miles apart. 2 or more gathered in Jesus' name - He will be there. That's a promise. See you then.


April 21

Good afternoon. You are invited to the FOG call tonight at 7:00 CDT; the Zoom link and phone numbers are listed below. They are the same we use each week. Mike Gailey will be continuing his teaching; his subject will be "The 7 Dimensions." Join us for more enlightenment from Mike and the Holy Spirit, as we learn in a community setting. Blessings.


April 28


Mike will continue his teaching of the "7 Dimensions" and our hope is that we have ample time for Questions and Answers with Mike.  He has a vibrant testimony of Jesus Christ, please join us. 


If you know someone within CCM who has been attending this forum, please contact them and ask for their opinion. 


Blurbs by Steve Hatfield and Mike Stacy