Have you noticed how God can take a crisis and find ways to enlighten our minds and help us build new personal relationships. Enter ZOOM.

Zoom is a technical computer application that allows individuals and groups to meet, study, worship, praise and dialogue from home or a local site. As Celebration has been led to go from our campground site to a linking of an unlimited number of people showing up on your computer screen.

At Contemporary Christian Ministries, our leap of faith has opened up many services like the Prayer Circle, Watchman, Praise Hour, Round table (Evangelists), links to local Sunday and Wednesday services (ie Tulsa CCC), leadership meetings and Expression planning activities.

We are grateful for the gifts of many in making this possible. Special recognition must be extended to Renee Smith. (pix). for her diligence, teaching, creative methods and patience (working with us as computer novices).

Our CCM Chairs of CCMLT have passed their short course for ZOOM. Asked about their perspective on this new way of sharing the Christ, they prepared a common statement:

"Zoom video conferencing has been a blessing for CCM. It has given us the opportunity to connect in a personal way. 

We have been able to visually see and hear the persons, which is beneficial for us to share together. 

Our Celebration 2020 will be on Zoom, July 26, 2020 thru August 1, 2020. There are events planned on a daily basis that will be highlighted with worship services every evening. We extend a personal invitation for persons to come and join with us in our sharing of the love of Christ."


Scott Norwood, Gary Elrod, Steve Calloway

Co-Chair CCM


ZOOM can be a new experience for many.

We have developed some helps so you will feel comfortable in this new audio and video setting. Renee Smith, Steve Hatfield and San White have recorded a helpful video clip. Click here to review and learn some of the techniques entitled: "Enhance your ZOOM experience" 

 https://zoom.us/j/3872229392 . 

 If you do not have access to a computer, you can still join the service via telephone.  The telephone number is:

1-646-558-8656 when prompted enter 3872229392 .


Answer:  Zoom is a video/audio conferencing software program that can be used as a conference type of meeting with the ability to see and hear each attending person.  There are a few pointers that we will make to help you understand and utilize this program if you are not familiar with it.

1)     Zoom has an APP that can be downloaded to your computer, iPad, or iPhone.

2)     You may call in on your computer with the https link provided which indicates which meeting you will enter OR

3)     You may call in on your phone and still be able to see and hear people in the meeting.

4)     You may call without an app on your phone and have audio only.



1)     On PC's, if you hover over the above listed code it will tell you to “control click” on the https info. When you follow those instructions, that will take you into a zoom meeting set up under this code.

2)     On a Mac, if you hover over the above listed code and it tells you to “control click” it might give you another command next to “open link”. Click on that command and it should open to the meeting for the code listed.

For audio/video on iPhone only, follow these instructions:  

Click on app and insert the last 10 numbers:

    US: +16465588656, 3872229392

Or Telephone for audio only:

    Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

        US: +1 646 558 8656 or +1 669 900 6833

    When prompted enter meeting ID: 387 222 9392


1)     We need to use the mute button:

a)     When singing (sound does not mesh well on line while singing)

b)     For interference noises such as voices in your house, animals, coughing, phone calls, etc. (a yellow block will appear around your window. Check you mute button please.)

c)     While in meetings, services etc you should always be muted unless called on. Then unmute to speak.  Mute again when you are finished.

d)     If you approve or like something that has been said, remain muted and hold up thumb(s).

2)     There is a CHAT button at the bottom of your ZOOM screen, that is used for several things:

a)     Words to songs that we will sing are written there

b)     Prayer lists are placed there for viewing (Praise reports may also be listed there)

c)     Private messages can be sent to someone attending (must click on their name) (after using private chat message, be sure to return to EVERYONE before sending another message.

3)     Sometimes music or a video is put on everyone's screen for viewing and our faces will move to the side. This can be used for music as well as notes for presentations, or Power Point.  (Someone is SHARING their screen. Do not use Share Screen unless you are designated.)

4)     We should always be courteous when someone else is talking. (Yellow box usually shows up around a person when they are speaking.  The host tries to watch for people raising hands to ask questions or make comments. If host does not notice, someone can speak and mention someone trying to get attention.  

5)     If the screen is full, click on right arrow on the side of the screen to see the second, third etc screens. To return, use left arrow.

6)     When the meeting is over, there is a button usually on the bottom right side that says Leave Meeting.  You will click on it, and it will tell you how to exit.

7)     Thank you each for coming to join us.  If you have question or concerns, feel free to contact:   (whitesandie7@gmail.com)

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