Dear CCM,                                                                                                                             December 3, 2015

It has been my greatest pleasure and joy to serve you for the past four years as CCM Leadership Team Chair.  During that time God generously gave the CCM Leadership Team and me exceptional blessings of prophetic leadership, spiritual endowments, extraordinary challenges, and the greatest of blessings!  I thank you for your support and love!

I became a member of the CCM Leadership team in 2010.  In 2011 I began to serve as the CCMLT Chair person, completing my service December 31, 2015.  During that time CCM has been very blessed in many ways.  

Before Derek Sanders retired from being CCM Leadership Team Chair, he challenged CCM with, “God is doing a NEW THING!  ARE YOU READY?  ARE WE READY?”  God moved among us in many ways.  Here are the major ways we were led and blessed.

First we experienced Enoch's City of Zion coming to meet us at the 2011 and 2012 Leadership Summits; ministering to us and teaching us; preparing us for what is to come.

Then we understood that Zion is among us, now!  We are members of Zion and are challenged to live our lives as Kingdom-citizens, especially making time regularly to deepen our relationship with Jesus/God/Holy Spirit.  Without this important and critical base, we cannot function as our hearts desire as servants of the Most High God.  We are always encouraged to meet together often to fast and pray and praise.

The challenge came:  We are to invite Jesus into the world not just for ourselves and our edification, but more importantly to provide and offer Christ's ministry to others in the world who suffer.  We are challenged to do this where we live AND whenever we meet together.  Meet to praise and pray and learn, and meet together to DO and BE JESUS HANDS AND FEET IN THE WORLD!  Remember:  BE and DO, or BE DO BE DO BE DO!!!

We are being called to change!  To risk!  To do new things that bring peace, justice, love, and end physical, spiritual, and cultural suffering.  EVERYWHERE WE ARE!  We are challenged to live Christ's Mission every day with everyone!  We are challenged to grow spiritually and to impact everyone we meet in this spiritually sensitive way in which we listen to Holy Spirit and choose to respond!

During the four years of serving as Chair, CCM experienced many changes in church oversight of CCM.  From Apostle Linda Booth, to Apostle Dale Luffman and President of Seventy Karin Peter, to the USA Apostolic Team oversight through our liaison Karin Peter.  We moved from a position of little oversight and accountability to Community of Christ, to the acknowledged Contemporary Christian Ministry: a Specialized Ministry of Community of Christ.  We integrated the long-held CCM Vision and Mission into the church's language and current areas of emphasis.  We learned how to communicate with church jurisdictions and work with them in ways that allow CCM's special ministry to spread and deepen, impacting church leaders' awareness and acceptance of CCM


The following is a final report of the experience of CCM during the last four year as shared by the 2011-2015 Chair of the CCM Leadership Team - Laurie Romig.  Her report is presented here as a testimony of God's blessings and ministry over this period of time.