I was interested in things spiritual from a very young age. My brother and I were gifted a Ouija board which we played with as a toy. We both were sure the other was moving the indicator.

I made a decision to become a disciple of Jesus about 2 months before I turned 16 years of age. I was baptized during the morning service. All that afternoon I anticipated my confirmation service as I thought afterwards I would exhibit one of the gifts of the spirit. When I did not stand up afterwards and speak in tongues, prophecy, or see a vision I was somewhat disappointed.

When I got home after church that evening I saw the Ouija board in my room and decided that it needed to go. My brother wanted to keep it, but it was out of my room and I felt I was honoring God in its removal. A few months later my brother decided to make his commitment to be a disciple of Jesus and when he got home he removed the Ouija board from our home.

Years have passed by now and I realized no one had told us to get rid of the Quija board but instinctively we both knew we needed to. I also realized that I had indeed exercised a the spiritual gift of discernment shortly after my confirmation by removing this item that did not honor my God from my room and my brother later did likewise.