The Friends of God (FOG) Group is a part of the Small Group expression of CCM ministries. The intent of the group is to allow CCMers to interact more on a regular basis, to gain new spiritual insights, to strengthen and encourage each other, and hear what the Holy Spirit has for us. Renee Murphy began weekly FOG meetings in January 2018 utilizing Zoom technology; Zoom allows participants on the call to see and hear each other. Participants can connect via home computers, ipads or cell phones using the Zoom app or by calling an audio only number. Renee and Steve Hatfield initially began hosting the calls and recently Debbie Burch has been added to the hosting team. FOG calls are held every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm central time.

A typical FOG call will include sharing of praise reports, testimonies of recent events in participants' lives, and singing praise music. There is a presentation of a lesson by a CCM guest presenter, (one of the FOG hosts or a video by another minister,) with discussion, questions and input by participants. We close with prayers for others.

We have had folks from Canada, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and Florida on the calls.

FOG has been an excellent medium for reaching out to CCMers we may see only once or twice a year. The teachings we've received have been truly uplifting, educational and spiritually motivating and the testimonies reassure us that God is on the move in many places. I'd encourage anyone who hasn't joined a FOG call to do so soon; you don't have to dress up or leave the comfort of your recliner. Come see (and hear) what the Holy Spirit is up to.

Respectfully submitted,         Steve Hatfield

REFLECTIONS FROM SANDIE:  Readers, if you have not been personally invited to visit our Tuesday evening FOG (Friends of God), consider this to be your personal invitation!  There is such a wonderful spirit of fellowship even if you remain silent, just listening.  The good people involved would love to meet you or become re-acquainted with you, if it's been a while.  It is a time of renewal, a time to learn, a time to visit and a time to pray.  You can share with us, confident that if you have a need, you will be loved and prayed for in that need.  Don't forget to check this out. SW

Renee Smith


Steve Hatfield

Worship Leader