Lorenzo Hill


Good News!

On December 5, 2017 the Evangelists in CCM held their first Round Table conference call. The call was so successful that we decided to hold monthly calls in 2018. What a blessing they have been to each of us.

We share spiritual insights, uplifting testimonies, pray for CCM, and explore ways that we can assist the ministry of Jesus. The Evangelist on Call Expression is now in place.  We encourage everyone to visit the CCM website at ccm4you.com and check out the Evangelist on Call Services for more details.

It is our testimony that the Spirit of God is blessing CCM in a powerful way as we all work together to assist in bringing souls to Christ. As ministers of blessing, we stand ready to give ministry.

Ed Slauter,   Round Table Coordinator

CCM Evangelist Round Table

REFLECTIONS FROM SANDIE:   What a blessing that we have so many men and women in our CCM midst who are especially called to be the ministers that they are, in the ways that they serve for the needs of we the people in CCM. We are not saying that Evangelists are the only people who can pray effective prayers when there is need, not in the least. But, one has to admit, there is an added dimension through them, which seems to bring the presence of the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit closer into our midst.  SW

Ed Slauter

Round Table