Third Quarter Trumpet Blast


When I was a boy we had a 1950 Chevy pickup for our workhorse and Dad's transportation. He did most of the work required to keep the pickup running. I remember being interested, and even impressed, when on a Saturday morning we would both be draped over the fender and I would watch (sometimes help) as Dad would replace various parts such as the spark plugs, spark plug wires, and the distributer with its several parts. He would talk to me about the role of each of these inventions, and how, when they were functioning as designed and at exactly the right time, the old truck would purr like a kitten. By introducing an electrical spark to the right amount of gasoline, and the right amount of oxygen, at exactly the right time, a controlled explosion could be produced in the engine cylinders, driving down six pistons in an exact and alternating order, resulting in a smooth-running miracle of nature and science.

This summer and fall we were each witnesses of this miraculous dynamic as different members of the body of Christ stepped up at Celebration and Leadership Summit to care for each other and the body as a whole, in a thousand ways. Those ways included; planning menus, cooking food, serving meals, washing pots and pans, mopping floors, teaching classes, risking new efforts, cleaning restrooms, raking leaves, taking care of children, inspiring youth, praying for each other, leading worship, hugging someone in need of a hug, being a friend to a child, Praising God, fishing with a child, listening to a hurt, listening to another's dream, and thousands of other services in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Now over 50 years since my intro to learning how parts working together produces a dynamo of power, I still marvel at how the body of Christ, with so many different members functioning at peak performance, is a revelation of our Lord. As described by Apostle Paul “there are many parts but one body,” each member contributing such varied functions in seemingly divergent relationship to other members has been designed by God to literally reveal the hands, feet, eyes, and ears of our Lord Jesus in our world today. By some Celestial law we see revealed why …”the Lord called His people Zion, (when) they were of one heart and one mind and dwelt together in righteousness.”  This finely tuned engine revealing the grace and love of God is what Jesus was praying for when He pronounced…”Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

It is a joy to witness, CCM, your magnificent commitment to being part of the body of Christ, each member giving her or his own contributions selflessly in all the ways you do. We see in this witness, the revelation of Jesus in times of gathering. However, we also rejoice to hear and know of that Divine light of Jesus being spread abroad by your ministries in your towns, cities, communities, and to the ends of the earth every day of the year.

His Grace and Peace to each of you and yours

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