Journal Entry, November 3, 2015

Laurie Romig


All Mighty God!  Creator of the universe and all there is everywhere and every-time…beyond time.  All Mighty God who comes to us as the Lion of Judah and roars His strength upon us as He circles our circle of those who pray, praise and prophesy in Your Name.   The Great One, Who speaks through men and women, young and old, sharing great grief at the pain and suffering of our children and youth; who share in words Your great love for us and give us courage.  The One who paints pictures of possibilities for the future and Who blesses us with the word “Remnant.” 


I AM coming sooner than you think!!  I Am coming sooner than you think!!  Be ready!!  Be prepared!  Do not shrink in fright at the darkness you will see and walk in.  Instead focus on Me, the Light, and be My light as you walk this earth in these final days before I come.  Even now My Spirit covers the earth.  I encourage all who love Me.  I whisper in your ears those things I ask you to be and to do.  Take Heart!!  Have courage!!  Be Christ for the world where you live as you grow and live out your own specific gifts I have given to you.


You are always welcome to spend time with Me.  Take hold of those moments and I will give you rest.  I will give you times of peace and refreshment; heal your wounds, and re-fill your hearts and minds with love, with My Holy Spirit, with the tender breath of My soul.  Life and Light come from Me through you to the world.


Wonder at my power and my judgements and know that all-goodness comes to those who love Me.  Endure the difficult paths you walk and continue to rejoice in me and what I am doing.  Cry with My creation whom I love, and rejoice and praise Me…even in the unspeakably difficult times, for I AM, and I remain the same…faithful, unmovable, loving.  I am there for you even though often you cannot see.


Be faithful little flock, even when many whom you love and admire choose to go another way.  Remember My laws and live them; being My children and loving Me, and loving all My creation. 


I walk the earth and the skies and I come quickly.


Thoughout the Journey of CCM the Spirit has move in individuals and groups to convey statements of inspiration and blessing.   In certain circumstances this inspiritation is given to the community of Contemporary Christian Ministries.  We are grateful to be able to present to the body these words of encouragement, counsel and hope given here.