This page of the website is to help those who visit the site frequently and are interested in what has been posted over a period of time.  Items here will be listed and dated as they are added to the site.  Effort will be made to establish links to each item so you can go directly to the new feature.   If you have suggestion for additional content that would be helpful for our ministry just send us a FEEDBACK EMAIL .

11-6-15    Revised:  CCMLT membership with new pictures and information.  (More to come)

11-7-15    Added: WHAT MATTERS MOST  page.  This page(s) will list or link to important news, videos, articles and publications from the Community of Christ that have direct relevance to our ministry.    Most are direct links to the CofChrist Website.  

11-10-15  Added:  Phase 1 of posting information from the Leadership Summit.  Videos are now being edited and will be posted over the next month.  Phase 1 posted a page REPORTS FROM THE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT with place holders from future items.  A video of Laurie Romig's closing address at the final service is a "must see" and a challenge to us all.  

11-22-15   Added:  WHAT'S NEW feature -  to assist people to go directly to new items added since they last visited  the website.

12-3-15   Modified RETURN TO HOME PAGE notations throughout  Website.

12-3-15   Rearranged the EXPRESSIONS to reflect outreach to the left.

12-10-15  Added the INSPIRATIONS & TESTIMONIES pages, including THE LAURIE REPORT

1-7-16     Modified the CCM EXPRESSIONS chart

1-8-16      Added the link to the 2016 CCM SURVEY on the CCM EXPRESSIONS page

1-9-16      Updated the LEADERSHIP HUB information (protected)

1-9-16      Added the AMBASSADOR HUB info  - goes directly to PP presentation on the Role of the Ambassador

2-9-16     Modified Home Page.  


8-2-16      Updated Announcements,  Posted Leadership Summit Info,  Updated CCM Calendar and Communicaion information.  Next:  Report on Celebration 2016

8-9-16  Upgraded site - changed annoucements, event schedule posted.


10/1-11/1  Upgrading the website to include the 5 Expressions launched at Summit 17

11/22  -  Upgrading calendar dates for Texas Encounter